Basic Gardening And Decorating Tips

Not a lot of change in the garden this month – although it is looking more “straw like”.

Truth be told, I am surprised the garden was still here this morning – we had a huge squall in the night. Gale force wind and rain hammered down from every direction.  When I woke up this morning I was concerned as to whether there would still be a garden around the house – but it was remarkably unaffected.


The Molina arundinacea ‘Skyracer’ which has been marvellous, vanished in the gales at the beginning of the week. As did the Bonkers passion flowers.

The panicum virgatum to the right of the picture above has developed lovely buttery tones – I think this may be P. ‘Squaw’ although mine has never had the pink / purple tones in the flower heads that is associated with this variety, so although that is what the label said … I am not sure.

The Salvias are still in flower – and give marvellous splashes of late season colour through the garden.

For me though – the late November garden is all about seed heads and stalks. In the longer view the grasses and the seed heads mingle together – walking through the garden and noticing them individually and close up I find them quite remarkable and my studio is full of things to draw. I have been observing how the fennel stems join together in an angular way – and been totally entranced by the seed heads of the Shoo-fly plant (Nicandra physalodes) which is at the bottom right of the image above. The Shoo-fly seed heads have given structure to the garden for most of the summer, when they were dark brown or black. Now – they have a lace like quality which is adorable.

My garden does not have the starkness of a winter garden yet – although to-day is only the first day of winter, from a meteorological perspective, so plenty of time for it to look wintery.  But anyways, in this post I will be giving some basic gardening and decorating tips. There are many ways to beautify your garden and the best and simplest way is to use good quality outdoor gardening lights.

Basic Gardening Tips

Gardening is one of the oldest hobbies and still the most followed leisure time job amongst individuals. It is not only a physical exercise (it is very essential to have a good exercise of the body) but also a platform to show one’s creative genius. Home Gardening is one of those vistas which is not only close to a gardening buff’s heart but also has a critical contribution when it comes to improving the overall ambience of one’s home. Who on earth wouldn’t mind having a home with pretty creepers adorning the windowsills attracting butterflies, little birds and beneficial insects? It is all about getting close to the nature and living in its unparalleled comfort.

Let’s see what benefits home gardening can bring to your house and yes, to your mind. Imagine the satisfaction one could feel after tasting the freshness of your own produce from the backyard, often in delicious varieties not found in stores. Trees, shrubs and charming creepers offer a unique coolness in summer and act as a protective shield in chilling winter winds. Properly planned and maintained lawns would be instrumental in dampening the disturbing sounds from outside, filtering pollutants, and keeping the soil and nutrients out of the groundwater. And the entire process of home gardening develops in you a new connectedness with the land and the seasons, and a never-felt-before peace of mind and satisfaction.

Those who venture in to the intricacies of home gardening should keep in mind certain basic points – that is for effective growth of vegetation, the place should have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Also the soil on which the cultivation is going to take place should be fertile and have enough moisture. If you have a poor soil at home, then it is better to start everything with soil improving practices. A well laid garden needs the brain of an architect. Selection of which all crops to grow depends on the size of the garden, soil and climate. The variety of the crop also matters a lot. Exquisite planning lessens gardening work and increases returns on labor.

In home gardening, one of the major factors to be looked upon is the way you control the weeds. Sowing a cover crop like buckwheat before you start gardening will help improving the soil tilth. If sowed alongside a pre-season crop like lettuce, it plays a major part in improving the structure of the soil and helps smothering the weeds. But it is better always to avoid chemical insecticides and weed killers and opt for natural ones like garlic or soap sprays. Or flex your muscles to uproot the weeds – it is easiest of the ways. It will also help improve your physical fitness.

Home gardening in many ways is an integral part of your home and hence your family. The involvement of your family in the gardening process is important not only in terms of added care that it brings to the cultivation but also as a point of personal interaction and togetherness that is vital in a new venture in order to make it a success. And to involve kids in the process, it is advisable to have some varieties in the scheme of things that they can snack on when ripened. Strawberries, blueberries, carrots and beans are ideal things you can have in the garden so as to evoke interest in your children. A little knowledge of child psychology comes handy in such times.

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